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Check this out for some crazy freestyle games. Any awesome games that we cant squeeze into another category can be found here.

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HoverBot Play HoverBot now!

Bouncy the Ball Play Bouncy the Ball now!

Spank the Monkey! Play Spank the Monkey! now!

Bear Drop Play Bear Drop now!

Wireframe Skeleton Play Wireframe Skeleton now!

Megaman: Project X Play Megaman: Project X now!

Rock Starter Play Rock Starter now!

Hau Den Dax Play Hau Den Dax now!

Spot the Difference Play Spot the Difference now!

Ghost Motel 3 Play Ghost Motel 3 now!

Madness Combat 2 Play Madness Combat 2 now!

Madness Combat 3 Play Madness Combat 3 now!

Madness Combat 4 Play Madness Combat 4 now!

Piano Animal Play Piano Animal now!

Interactive Boogy 2 Play Interactive Boogy 2 now!

Dodging Circles Play Dodging Circles now!

Virtual Keyboard Play Virtual Keyboard now!

Weapons of Destruction Play Weapons of Destruction now!

Mario Minigame Play Mario Minigame now!

Joe Barbarian Play Joe Barbarian now!

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