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Check this out for some crazy freestyle games. Any awesome games that we cant squeeze into another category can be found here.

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Dont Let Go Play Dont Let Go now!

Treasure Box Play Treasure Box now!

Super Clicker Play Super Clicker now!

Mini Skears Play Mini Skears now!

Mini Skears 2 Play Mini Skears 2 now!

Mini Skears 3 Play Mini Skears 3 now!

Rainbow Trip Play Rainbow Trip now!

Skears DX Play Skears DX now!

Clockland: The Lost Files Play Clockland: The Lost Files now!

Drunk Mo Play Drunk Mo now!

Blood Shed Guy Play Blood Shed Guy now!

ComicGen Play ComicGen now!

DnB-X005 Drum Machine Play DnB-X005 Drum Machine now!

Make a Mobster Play Make a Mobster now!

Worm Play Worm now!

Pimp my Warthog Play Pimp my Warthog now!

Custom HK: Viking Play Custom HK: Viking now!

Coast Guard Play Coast Guard now!

Jump Play Jump now!

Xiao Xiao 6 Play Xiao Xiao 6 now!

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