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Check this out for some crazy freestyle games. Any awesome games that we cant squeeze into another category can be found here.

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Make Mario Up Play Make Mario Up now!

Destroy the Peace Play Destroy the Peace now!

Metal Slug: Rampage 3 Play Metal Slug: Rampage 3 now!

Car (Beta) Play Car (Beta) now!

Fishy! Play Fishy! now!

Scary Sleep Over Play Scary Sleep Over now!

Hobbit Rampage Play Hobbit Rampage now!

Ghost Motel 2 Play Ghost Motel 2 now!

Shell Play Shell now!

Battle of the Bob Play Battle of the Bob now!

Evolvron Play Evolvron now!

Night Raptor Play Night Raptor now!

Blitz Play Blitz now!

Astroboy vs Bad Storm Play Astroboy vs Bad Storm now!

Ninja Air Combat Play Ninja Air Combat now!

Aircraft Lander Play Aircraft Lander now!

Zero Hunt: Ch.1 Play Zero Hunt: Ch.1 now!

Sky Boarder Play Sky Boarder now!

Dolphin Dash Play Dolphin Dash now!

Speed Master Play Speed Master now!

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