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Free Action Games

All the action games you could want in one place! Play a lot of different roles as you make your way through these exciting games.

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Hyro Tanks Play Hyro Tanks now!

Puzzle Land Play Puzzle Land now!

SF vs. MK Play SF vs. MK now!

Invisibility Play Invisibility now!

Eggs Terminator 2 Play Eggs Terminator 2 now!

Ultimate Potato Play Ultimate Potato now!

Samurai Jack Play Samurai Jack now!

Omega Squadron V Eclipse Play Omega Squadron V Eclipse now!

Lunatic Play Lunatic now!

The Hedgehog Game Play The Hedgehog Game now!

Ghetto Chase Play Ghetto Chase now!

Ovcata Ninja Play Ovcata Ninja now!

Shop Lifter Play Shop Lifter now!

Caves Of Mordor Play Caves Of Mordor now!

Cosmic Defender Play Cosmic Defender now!

Birdy 2 Play Birdy 2 now!

Crazyball Play Crazyball now!

Breaking Point Play Breaking Point now!

Bomber Fortress Play Bomber Fortress now!

Thunder Plunder Play Thunder Plunder now!

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