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Free Action Games

All the action games you could want in one place! Play a lot of different roles as you make your way through these exciting games.

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Lord Of The Stars Play Lord Of The Stars now!

Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 4 Play Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 4 now!

Super Smash X Play Super Smash X now!

Monkey Mayhem Play Monkey Mayhem now!

Operation Slaps Play Operation Slaps now!

12 Many Play 12 Many now!

Hapland 2 Play Hapland 2 now!

Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 2 Play Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 2 now!

Clowns Play Clowns now!

Mister Fox Play Mister Fox now!

Fierce Fighter Play Fierce Fighter now!

Swordsman Play Swordsman now!

Frosty Freakout Play Frosty Freakout now!

The Batman! Play The Batman! now!

Scooby Doo: E3 Play Scooby Doo: E3 now!

60 seconds Play 60 seconds now!

Overrun Play Overrun now!

Bubble Trouble Play Bubble Trouble now!

The Pharaoh's Tomb Play The Pharaoh's Tomb now!

Gravity Play Gravity now!

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