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Some of the best puzzle and board game remakes are available here. Play classics like connect 4, konnectors and gem mania.

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Just Sudoku Play Just Sudoku now!

Ultra Block Play Ultra Block now!

Munchy Man Play Munchy Man now!

Etherena Play Etherena now!

Quick Pic Play Quick Pic now!

Brik Play Brik now!

Run Run Play Run Run now!

Fast Food Fiasco Play Fast Food Fiasco now!

Cartoon Quiz Play Cartoon Quiz now!

Ultimate Mario Game Quiz Play Ultimate Mario Game Quiz now!

Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz Play Ultimate Zelda Game Quiz now!

Smash: Champions Play Smash: Champions now!

Ultimate Sonic Quiz Play Ultimate Sonic Quiz now!

Easy Chess Play Easy Chess now!

Atomica Play Atomica now!

Weird Bicycle Game Play Weird Bicycle Game now!

Ultimate Tetrix Play Ultimate Tetrix now!

You Da Fly Play You Da Fly now!

Drift Wood Play Drift Wood now!

Alien Bounce Play Alien Bounce now!

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